The Code of Conduct outlines expectations of behaviour based on Mainline’s mission and values. Central to this code is the right of clients to be respected by Mainline staff and to have their confidentiality protected by staff members at all times and under all circumstances. Mainline recognizes that staff may have previous relationships with clients and that staff may be working with two clients at the same time that have a relationship to one another. In order to maintain the integrity of the program and the respect of all staff, employees must adhere to the pledge of confidentiality at all times.

This code identifies the behaviour expected of staff working at Mainline; serves as a basis for performance evaluations; and establishes expectations of staff as they relate to clients and members of the community.

  • No staff member will violate the legal rights of the clients or the program.
  • Staff members will not accept any personal gift or accept money for services from a client.
  • No staff member will sell to or purchase any item from a client.
  • Staff members will not promote personally held views about religion or type of therapy.
  • All staff members will respect the confidential nature of their work.
  • Staff members will act as role models to clients.
  • Staff members must receive permission from the Program Director to conduct interviews or speak to the media.
  • Under no circumstances will staff carry out their jobs at the office or on outreach under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.
  • Staff members must always provide an explanation to a client when they refuse a client’s request.
  • Staff members will demonstrate respect to clients and to each other at all times.