Our Team

Diane Bailey

Diane new pic

Diane started as a part time worker in 1992 and shortly after became director. She has managed, co-managed and developed over 20 funded projects. She was a co-investigator on numerous projects and worked on 2 published projects. Diane has been called the heart and soul of Mainline, a leader, a counsellor, an advocate, a manager and a friend which she contributes to her 20+ years of street experience, 3 years methadone treatment and 25 years recovery. Diane has demonstrated community leadership over her many years at Mainline, was nominated for the 1st Inaugural Capital District Leadership Award, was a recipient of the 2008 Progress Women of Excellence Award and for her outstanding dedication and commitment to the community the D180 mobile methadone bus was named – the Bailey Bus.

John Arenburgjohn_arenburg

John is an outreach worker who has had numerous years working in the HIV/AIDS community, was the support coordinator at the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia for 5 years and was co-chair for the Community Advocates Network for 3 years. He has a wide range of experience in HIV/AIDS work which he attributes to his 30 years of being HIV positive. John worked on Mainline’s Reducing the Risks: Crystal Methamphetamine & other Drug Use among Youth in Halifax as the project coordinator and is presently the project coordinator for the Hep C & Me project and lives happily with his four cats May, Socks, Bobby Socks and Autumn.

Kary Hannankary_hannan

Kary who is our Cape Bretoner has an incredible amount of loyalty and dedication and brings a wealth of experience, empathy and passion to support those who are most in need in our community. She provides court support through the community based legal & education project, co-manages the Hep C & Me project and provides harm reduction services at the site, central and provincial outreach programs. Her quiet demeanor, lasting patience and uniqueness contributes greatly to Mainline’s success. Kary is an active members of the narcotics anonymous program, has 7 years methadone treatment and 6 years recovery which furthers her commitment to assist people who struggle with addictions and street life.

Elaine Williamselaine_williams

Elaine is a mother of four and a grandmother of four. She worked in the hotel industry for 18 years and for five years worked with the Restorative Justice Black Pilot project for youth at risk. She volunteers at the Mulgrave Park tenants association, is a board member with the Mulgrave Park Caring and Learning centre and also assists with the Mulgrave Park Community food bank and breakfast program. Elaine is a member of the Metro Regional Housing Authority and held previous membership with the Highland Park advisory committee, St Joseph’s A Mackay school, the northern lantern festival and her selfless giving to her community makes her a welcomed addition to the community based legal & education project.

Jamie Williamsjamie_williams

Jamie has been working on the central and provincial mobile outreach projects since 2006 and holds the title of being the van manager. He is an incredible thoughtful and caring person and has a wonderful sense of humour. He spent 20 years in the non profit sector at Veith House, a neighbourhood community centre, Dartmouth boys and girls club, Halifax police boys club and North end community daycare. He is an avid ball hockey player and currently works with youth at George Dixon community centre and the Halifax super tiger cats. His canny ability to know directions and his being able to have the answer to all the questions, has other staff wondering if the song “I’m the Man” was written just for Jamie.

Chris Claytonchris_clayton

Chris grew up in Halifax north end and has built strong community roots. His uncle Hoppy was instrumental with Mainline’s beginning and early on Chris became a fixed structure around the needle exchange, first as a client and now as an outreach worker. His many years of addiction has lead to his being incarcerated and upon his release he spent his time constructively rather than destructively by attaining his bricklaying and meat cutting trades. Chris worked as a volunteer medical escort at Northwood Manor and he is proving to be a strong role model for many in the community struggling with addiction and street life and plans to mentor for many years to come.