Did you know you can access our safe supplies at most HRM pharmacies?! Welcome to the BROWN BAG PROGRAM! Mainline has teamed up with pharmacies to make using more safe and accessible.
Our brown bags include: 10 clean syringes, cookers, water, filters and ties. Just ask a pharmacist for a brown bag and they will be glad to help. Below you can find a list of pharmacies that support our brown bag program!
Lawton’s 5665 Spring Garden Rd
Lawton’s 5991 Spring Garden Rd
Lawton’s 5515 Duffus St
Pharmasave 3530 Novalea Dr
Shoppers 6025 Almon St
Guardian 2131 Gottigen St
Lawton’s 6155 North St
Lawton’s 5201 Duke St
Shoppers 6139 Quinpool Rd
Shoppers 5595 Fenwick St
Guardian 6199 Coburg Rd
Sobeys 6990 Mumford Rd
Superstore 6141 Young St
Superstore 1075 Barrington St
Superstore 3601 Joseph Howe Dr
Sobeys 1120 Queen St
Shoppers 118 Wyse Rd
Lawton’s 6 Primrose St
Pharmachoice 68 Highfield Park Dr
Sobeys 268 Baker Dr
Superstore 9 Braemar Dr
Pharmachoice 85 Tacoma Dr
Guardian 375 Pleasant St
Superstore 650 Portland St
Lawton’s 950 Cole Harbour Rd
Pharmasave 1624 Sackville Dr
Sobeys 752 Sackville Dr
Lawton’s 665 Sackville Dr
Pharmachoice 225 Cobequid Rd
Lawton’s 157 Cobequid Rd
Medicine Shoppe 70 Lacewood Dr
Shoppers 278 Lacewood Dr
Superstore 210 Chain Lake Dr
Shoppers 315 Herring Cove Rd
Guardian 205 Herring Cove Rd
Lawton’s 27 Peakview Way
Guardian 535 Larry Uteck Blvd
Lawton’s 965 Bedford Hwy
Superstore 5178 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd
Lawton’s 5110 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd
*If you are a pharmacist/pharmacy and want to take part in our Brown Bag program, give us a call! 902-423-9991